The F3 Mark I semi-active steering damper for high-performance sportbikes brings a whole new level of control to the serious rider. Using magnetorheological fluid technology developed for use on United States Navy aircraft, the Mark I adjusts immediately to impact, eliminating virtually all instances of head-shake, and most conditions that can cause tank slapping.

The Mark I measures and responds to the rotational velocity/acceleration of the front-end and automatically adjusts the damping.It incorporates anti-tank slap (ATS) circuitry to provide additional damping at the onset should a tank slapper begin. This self adjusting response reduces rider fatigue and improves steering. The Mark I offers 8 damping settings to suit a variety of riding styles and conditions.

The Mark I is constructed out of CNC-machined aircraft-grade aluminum with a carbon fiber cover. Its compact structure requires minimal space on triple tree mounts and an in-line fused wiring harness allows easy connection to the bike battery.